Friday, 19 April 2013

First digging day

18/04/13 was the first digging day and we managed to get a lot done despite the weather deteriorating after lunch.
A whole new wall was found and is parallel  to the main structure (new wall on the right & structure on the left). It is made of stone, brick and tile and we hope to unearth a made floor between the two tomorrow.

Finds have been mostly tile and brick so far, with one tile having been stamped:

Meanwhile the main structure has been cleared and we can now begin the removal of grass and topsoil:

Digging, surveying and laying out the grid go on apace:

Thanks to our friends the sheep for being accommodating:

Tomorrow looks like a nice sunny day, so we hope to get a lot more of the site unearthed and answer some of the questions about this forgotten piece of Maiden Newton history.

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