Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Martin Green's Down Farm

Martin (left) and WDDAG
WDDAG visited Martin Green's Down Farm this weekend, and what an experience it was! He took us through his incredible collection of artefacts unearthed on his land and surrounding parishes over many years of digging. 

Some of his flint collection

A Bronze Age burial

The woman in the shaft (see below)

The museum

Martin then took us to see the unique Neolithic shaft, a natural feature reconfigured in the Neolithic for ritual and burial purposes. It is fully 32.5m deep but Martin did not dig that far! But still impressive.  

Over the pit!

The pit itself, where the woman was found
Martin has also dug two round barrows, one a pond and one bowl. He has started work on reconstructing them, as they would have looked in the Early Bronze Age.

Reconstructed posts and the pond barrow in the background

This is a short film of the group visiting the reconstructed bowl barrow. Real archaeology weather!


Martin is also committed to having as many people visit his remarkable site as possible and continues to take on new archaeological investigations.

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