Monday, 31 August 2015

Possible new project

We have been contacted by a group of people in South Somerset to help out with a possible Norman priory project. This could be very big and we are hoping to do some geophiz at the site soon to see what features may be lying beneath two fields. More reports later.

Trench 3 finished

With the features recorded we had a look for more finds in the fill of the N/S feature and found these sherds. All the more for our expert to have a look at. Our Open Day is on the 5th September based at the village hall.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

9 Stones video

Although not perfect we hope you like this little film. We are working on doing more and better ones on other sites in Dorset.

Trench 3 update

We have dug and recorded the N/S feature which looks as if it cuts the E/W ditch of the enclosure. We were hoping that this was a trackway through an entrance to the enclosure, but it seems not.
We have had some chunky pot from the upper fill but a 19 c. fragment has put a 'spanner in the works'. Is this example residual or the 19th c. sherd? [In fact we have now found out that it is 4th c. Roman!]
 David taking levels