Sunday, 5 May 2013

Metal object: disc-us?

We found this metal disc in the trough structure this weekend, with the lighter patches being made of copper. Top of a barrel? This made me feel like a women's Wimbledon champion; which is something I don't often say!

As mentioned in the last post, we have found the standing structure to be just an add-on to a much larger building, as can be seen in this rough sketch here:
 The next phase is to clear the rubble and find the interior floor layer and to clear the grass and topsoil to the west. We will then have uncovered a 10m square around the building.

Ben found an interesting piece of glass with the name Wright & Co. on it:
From this he did some research and found this from a bottle collector:
"This Lamonts Patent with glass stopper from Morris Soda manufacturers Wednesbury (below) is one of my favourite pieces, the glass is very crude and full of bubbles. Embossed to the base ‘Wright and co Glass makers Brierley Hill.’  Mr Wright has had quite a lot documented as he ended up bankcrupt in the early 1900's though also possibly related was an early "Elf n Safety" incident where the glass kiln exploded and killed 2 workers!!"

Which just goes to show that such information can be found through a small find.

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