Monday, 22 April 2013

Double Trouble

The Drift Road site has just doubled! This wall came up just to the east of the main structure and could be connected or free standing. Excavation from east to west will confirm it either way. The wall is made up of brick, stone and tile, two of which have been stamped with the company that made them:
This one is stamped Dunball Steam Tile & Brick Co. and were based in Bridgewater. This one is stamped Symons & Co. and they were based in Wales and possibly Somerset, but more research will have to done:
Meanwhile large amounts of metalwork is coming up:
We are cracking on with the work and the view from the office is not bad:

Look in again for more news from the site.


  1. Top stuff Chris, v exciting

  2. Good to see you writing stuff Chewy san. It's been a long time since the heady days of Digging The Dirt! Do you still have any copies?

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