Thursday, 29 November 2012

Welcome to WDDAG


This is the blog site for West Dorset Diggers Archaeology Group. This is an exciting new community archaeology group based in West Dorset and run by local people who are interested in researching, surveying and excavating the archaeology of this beautiful part of the county.

West Dorset is particularly rich in the archaeology of all periods, much of it still visible in the landscape. We hope to add to the understanding of the prehistory and history of the county by looking at various sites through research and survey, and where needed also by excavation.

The group is open to all who live in the West Dorset district and other areas of the county. We will be setting up a website soon, but this site will be full of information, pictures and films of our projects too, so look in regularly.

Our first project is based in Maiden Newton, about 8 miles from the county town of Dorchester, where we will looking at a structure which is marked on the 1902 map, but may have been used during World War II. No one in Maiden Newton really knows what it is or what it was used for. So a good first project for us.

We hope to start work in the Spring of 2013, but keep looking in for news of meetings and developments. Please become a follower.

If you are living in Dorset and wish to join please contact Chris on:
07768695162 or

He will pass on your details to the membership secretary.

Wherever you are in the world this is an opportunity to be part of some original archaeological research as it happens in one of the most exciting counties in England for studying the past.

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