Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pot, sweat & tears

A hot day on site and we were looking forward to finding more artefacts and starting to dig into the features after the rain swept us off site last Saturday. The day started well:
 The ditch was turning up lots of building material plus more BBW of high quality.

It is intriguing that so much BM has come up. There must have been a building of stone, brick and tile here, but this looks like a ditch defended enclosure on the geophiz, probably military and not a permanent settlement. A question we will have to answer.
The pit turned out to be disappointing however.
What we thought would be quite deep turned out to be shallow and flat based. These features are quite common and usually empty of finds.
The ditch did fill a few bags though and the quality of the pottery is remarkable, with one piece decorated.
All in all we felt quite pleased with the haul and hope that ditch will be the deliverer of more information as to the function of this, until now, lost Roman feature in the landscape of north Dorset.

 Hope to see you at the Open Day on the 26th. 

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