Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finds from Fieldwalking

Members of Dorset Diggers living in the West of the County have started field walking on a field 600 metres southwest of the Iron Age Hillfort of Pilsdon Pen.

Permission has been given for us to field walk a number of fields in this area. The first field looked in a promising place as, though being flattish is on a promontory jetting out into Marshwood Vale with steep slopes falling away on the East, West and South sides.

Between three and nine members walked for three to four hours a day over three days, dodging a few showers on the first day.

Surveying was carried out with a combination of GPS map reference, tape measures, a range finder and ranging poles.  Having picked finds from 39, twenty metre squares, this was reduced down to 41 potential finds from 23 squares after examination by Chris Tripp. Most of these were worked flint with some possible Roman pottery.

As crops are now appearing in the fields we intend to resume field walking at this site after the fields have been re ploughed.

We are grateful to the landowners for this opportunity.

Written by,

Richard Hood

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